Tuesday,March, 14, 2023
Damascus, SANA / 14 March، 2023

President al-Assad arrives in Moscow on an official visit to Russia to hold talks with Russian counterpart Putin

Moscow, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday arrived in Moscow on an official visit to Federal Russia to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hasaka, SANA / 14 March، 2023

Syrian people of occupied Golan: We are deeply rooted in our land… Occupation’s schemes doomed to failure

Occupied Golan, SANA- The Israeli occupation has carried out the most atrocious ethnic cleansing project in the occupied Syrian Golan since 1967, destroying 131 villages and 112


Putin, Assad to touch on Syria-Turkey relations at talks in Moscow — Kremlin

Russia's top diplomat underscored that the modern Europe, represented by the EU, is losing its independence or those signs of independence that it used to have, and completely submits to the positions, imposed by the US

SANA NEWS / Aug 3, 2022

Section For Books In The Russian Language Opened In Damascus Educational Library

Moscow, SANA / 20 September، 2022

Putin: Russian military equipment shows its efficiency against Western weapons

President Vladimir Putin described the Russian military equipment used in the special military operation in Ukraine as highly efficient.

Hasaka, SANA / 18 September، 2022

Turkish occupation launches artillery shells on Qamishli vicinity, Hasaka

Turkish occupation forces launched shells on villages of Naqoura and Qarah Hasan in Qamishli city, causing material damage to properties, local sources told SANA reporter.

Hasaka, SANA / 20 September، 2022

US occupation forces loot more Syrian resources

The US occupation forces looted new quantities of Syrian oil via 60 tankers, bringing them out to their bases north of Iraq. Local sources in al- Yarubiyah town of Hasaka eastern countryside told SANA that the US occupation took out a convoy of 60 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil into Iraqi borders.

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